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The Brother MFC-240C is an all-in-one color inkjet printer.

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MFC-240C does not print - despite fresh cartridges and multiple purge

My Brother MFC-240C prints in black, but in none of the colors. I have already installed new original Brother ink cartridges, and executed multiple Normal/Power Purge runs (using the Maintenance Mode as described in the service manual, chapter 9 / 9-43). The problem persists.

Can anybody help? Has anybody successfully disassembled the printer, and cleaned manually the ink supply tubes and/or the printing head?

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Print head could be clogged and needs some cleaning. Check Youtube for videos on cleaning...Ink have expiration too, it could be old and dry.

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Thank you for your suggestion. It is absolutely correct. I have disassembled the entire printer with the help of a detailed service manual for MFC-240C. This is necessary as the print heads of Brother inkjet printers are located deeply inside the printer. Cleaning the printhead with distilled waters, followed by some purge operations (in the printer's service mode) helped.

All colours appear again perfectly. My old printer got a second life :)


You are welcome. Where can I see the service manual for MFC 240-C, I hope you don't mind?


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