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Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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Home Button Not Working

The main board flex cable that to the home button broke on one of the connectors, which in turn ruined the original home button(no more Touch ID). I pulled the cable off of an iPhone 6 that I know had home button functionality and tried an after market home button, to reveal no touch input at all. I tried a few different home buttons as well and none worked. Could there be something else wrong that I've overlooked that could be the issue here? I plan to order another main board flex and home button but any ideas in the meantime would be helpful. Thanks!

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Which part exactly got broken for home button connection? The home button extension cable connector on the logic board? The home button extension cable teared? The home button cable itself got ripped?


Alright thanks y'all!


If you go to setting / general / accessibility turn it on then you get the home button on your screen . Works just like the real button..


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Yeah, im with Ben. You're post is confusing. If you need the extension cable, you should be fine. I order those moderately frequently

iPhone 6 Home Button Cable Replacement

iPhone 6 Home Button Link Cable

But you have me confused, what do you mean broke on one of the connectors? You mean the sockets? On the top of the logic board?

One of these?

Block Image

iPhone 6 Home Button Link Cable Изображение


iPhone 6 Home Button Link Cable


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Sorry didn't mean to be confusing. The home button link cable fell apart at the connector closest to the home button (logic board is fine). In trying to disconnect the link cable from the home button, the connector fell off of the home button as well. So I took a new home button, and a new home button link cable and installed them, but home button functionality didn't return


Right, and you said the "new" parts, were known good?


Link cable was known good, pulled it from my persona phone and tried an after market cable. I also tried two different home buttons that came right out of the packaging. I suppose they both may have been defective but I'd like to hope not


Sounds unlikely the two new buttons would be bad. @refectio can I get a second opinion on this?


If the two buttons came in the same batch, perhaps they could both be defective...especially if the seller is on eBay or AMZN.

It's hard to see anything else wrong from this perspective.


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Hello Matt. So sorry to hear about your problem, unfortunately i have some bad news for you. Every single home button on the iPhone 6 and up has a small chip on the flex which has a kind of special code that matches with your motherboard. If you replace the home button, the motherboard will recognize that that part is not the original home button. There for it will never allow you to use the Touch I.D again. Not only that, if you ever try to restore or update your phone, it will get stuck on the "connect to itunes" screen. And every time you try to restore it, it will not fully restore, and it will give you the hardware issue error code. So then your phone basically becomes a brick. So hold on to that flex cable with the little chip in between the button itself and the plug in part. If the chip is still connected to the plug in, you might be able to un brick your phone, if you ever restore it or update it. Unfortunately your touch i.d will never work again. So sorry to have to be the one to tell you. This is one of the most annoying things to happen on an iPhone.

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