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The ThinkPad Edge E530 by Lenovo is a business market targeted laptop. This model has a 15-inch display that has HD+ Antiglare LCD, up to 1TB or storage, max memory capacity of 8GB, and a 720p HD webcam for video conferencing.

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screen won't light up

Laptop worked this am, but when I did a shutdown it took about 10 mins. Then tried to boot later and no display would light up.

I tried all the solutions on the web I could find:

Took out battery, tried powering up with just ac cable, no good.

Tried powering up without ac cable, no good.

Tried holding down power button for 30 secs. plugging in only ac cable, no good.

Put battery back in and ac cable in, no good.

Reseated the RAM (and blew out a lot of dust that was on the fan), still no good.

Is it the motherboard? graphics card? Any help appreciated

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Kevin Smith, connect an external monitor to your ThinkPad and let us know what you see, if anything.


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A little trick I learned from one of the senior members is to shine a flashlight in it to see if you can see anything. If you can, your backlight's gone bad. If you can't, it's likely your gpu. Are any lights glowing?

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@pccheese read up on inverters and what has replaced them


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I checked all my cable and wire connections to make sure the plugs were seated properly.

I found the cable connecting the LCD screen at the LCD screen side being not properly seated.

Once re-seated the E530, I have, started up with no issues.

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Another test to perform is to verify if there are any CMOS battery issues. To verify this isn't the issue, leave the laptop plugged into the 120V power supply (or I guess a 12V converter if in a vehicle) for more than 8 hrs. You can test the voltage of the battery also with a DVM/DMM to make sure the voltage is adequate. Then try to power on again.

You can also reset the BIOS by performing power cycling steps with the batteries all removed and no power connected to the laptop. I forget what that procedure was, though I'm sure can still be found on Google.


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