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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Power shuts off on boot of the device?

MacBook Air (Mid 2013) A1466 (820-3437-B)

I am a bit of a noob when it comes to Mac products; however here is the problem I face.

Upon booting the system up the Apple logo appears along with the loading bar, however, five seconds into loading script random text appears on the screen and power cuts out.

Things I have done:

  • Launched in recovery mode successfully and stable - working
  • Attempted launch in safe mode - failed
  • All other launch types - failed

Things yet to do:

  • Boot from external media to see if it's the SSD or logic board.

What I think it could be:

  • Personally I think there may be a power disruption along the logic board causing it to cut power?
  • SSD may be on it's last legs and as a result the OS is corrupt?

However I cannot join the dots as it it were the SSD media then I would fail launching into recovery surely? And the same with a power disruption surely?

I'm open to any suggestions as after trying to launch the OS from an external drive I am fresh out of ideas.

Thanks in advance:


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Do you have access to a second Mac system? If you do you could interconnect the two of them - Target Disk Mode.

Then you could run Disk Utility from the other system deleting the SSD partitions (both) and then do an internet recovery to re-install the OS.

The other way here is to create a bootable USB thumb drive from the second Mac system and then boot up under it doing the same thing here.

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Your SSD has some sort of corrupted software so try finding someone who can put a new software on the SSD or test to see if it is a power disruption on the logic board.

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