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Intermittent Reboot/Apple Loop After Screen Replacement

Hello all,

iPhone 6S Plus came in with broken screen, replaced with full assembly. Screen was returned as it was flickering.

I replaced it with a new screen, no flickering, but it was stuck in Apple Loop. I was able to get the device into Recovery mode and it would stay on, from here I could restore without anything rebooting (I would also not need to touch the screen).

After removing from iTunes the boot loop would continue (infinitely). I found some information whereby it suggested to change the sensor flex cable, so I brought a new flex and the device booted! However..

Once the device booted up after, it would intermittently reboot into Apple loop for a number of loops, then get back to the 'Set up' process. I could then get a little further before it would reboot again, eventually it landed on the lock screen, but again, the reboots were intermittent, sometimes during scrolling, opening apps, sometimes after clicking the home button, sometimes after pressing sleep/wake.

Each reboot, followed either 3-4 Apple boot loops or a single boot. It always, eventually return to the lock screen.

See video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQq-yEjz...

Battery (original) appears to hold charge, screen appears to be OK.

I have yet to clean the LCD/Digitiser flex connectors and Battery connectors. I have ordered a new battery at which point I will retest.

Anyone else had this experience?

Previously, an iPhone 5 I repaired had a similar issue, but the battery was draining and screen had been cracked. I fixed the issue of reboots but in the process changed the battery AND screen, but I did not 'test' the new screen without battery, and new battery without new screen.

I'm considering the issue is with the LCD/Digitiser, any thoughts?



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1 ответ

don't know about your reboot issue but if you encounter a flickering screen again with iPhone give it about 30 minutes and it will go away. within 10 minutes you will see flickering fade a bunch.

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