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Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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Searching for service HELP


Alright so I have a 64 GB iPhone 6 Verizon. I have tried EVERYTHING i have seen on here to where I know it is a hardware issue.

Now when I do *#06# the IMEI DOESN'T show up.

Keep in mind my wifi and bluetooth work so its not an issue at the top.

I am aware that the antenna is at the bottom of the battery, my question is that if the IMEI doesn't show up when i request it on dial-pad then is it definitely the baseband issue or could it still be the cellular antenna.

It also isn't the sim reader because when I don't have the sim in it will read NO SIM so the sim port seems to be okay because then when I put the SIM in it goes to SEARCHING

please help

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Do you know if the SIM you tried is a known working one? If no, have you tried other ones as well? If IMEI doesn't come up, it sounds like a hardware issue with the baseband. Has this phone worked in the past?


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no imei can be three things. this is a hardware issue. 1st it can be the modem failing to communicate with the baseband memory chip (eeprom) 2nd it can be the baseband memory chip (eeprom) and 3rd it can be baseband pmu power chip. goto settings / about / and look if you have modem firmware. no firmware usually is the baseband power chip. iTunes error codes will confirm this but will brick the phone in recovery mode. you will need to take it to a specialist for repair if you have had no luck with Apple

Update (01/19/2017)

Andrew you need to first test the DC-DC convertor Qpoet Voltages to the power amplifiers. low band mid band and high band power supplies come from here as all amps are connected via the Qpoet if one fails they all fail test for shorts in caps around Qpoet then test the voltages to caps during restore via 3utools after 20% as all base band signals will be active at the 20% and above firmware flash. if no shorts are in the amplifier power supplies then go to the antenna switches and test the supplies for short and voltages. i change the switch so i can eliminate this as a cause as it does a lot of switching between 4g/3g high band amp and mid band amp.the midband amp i have found is the culprit of a short in most cases but the switch and amp fail more from use. if you have a scope you can always test the mosi master out slave in data signal and miso master in slave out the master is the controller the slave is the peripheral or utility. the mosi miso lines in the in the rf circuit are the baseband modem being the master as it is the processor and the slave running any other utility. if the processor is transmitting a pairing signal then the modem is good and sending the hello signal. if the same signal is not returning from the slave signal then the chip will not operate. it is a echo signal; so the processor receives the same signal it sent a on switch via a bridge through the ic. next look to the transceiver power supplies and mosi miso data lines this will show you if there is a break in the data line and where the data is vacant the issue is there. then last i would reball the modem if any modem mosi lines are without data. test every fault through voltage to ic and comunication via the miso mosi


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Thank you for a fast response. I actually already restored through iTunes and it didn't brick. I go to the about and the firmware is there: " Modem Firmware 5.32.00"

So I am trying to start a small repair business and want to learn these fixes myself. Youtube can teach anything these days and I just ordered some tools to start. I have the iFixit business repair kit, a soldering kit, and a heat gun.

With that said, what will need to be fixed?

Thanks again (I love this website!!)


by what i have said i have made you work a little but to understand what i have said then you must use a board viewer or most important the schematics. good tools exist today that can speed up the elimination process but the schematics and map reading are the best as you remember the rails like streets in your town. use the words i have given on the search schematics against the way i have said you can fix any fault fast


the issue you have given is a network signal fault as you have firmware and imei in about/settings so this issue is for the network to give a ping for the imei pairing as there is no no network transmission. receiving uses less power than transmitting that is why the amps are required for transmitting. you can have a network signal rx recive but the tx signal amplification is weak. so no dial out but signal in is good


I just wanted to ask, I have 6 plus and whenever I restore it the service will work for only 6 hours to 10 and also when i drope it will work for same period and there is firmware in settings so what it could be?


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