Why is my screen white and unresponsive after switching batteries?

Alright so this iPad was having problems with charging, you would plug it in and it would not show a battery but after a period of time it would pop up an Apple logo but wouldn't turn on. I eventually left it to charge for a long time and it booted on but remained at 1% and wouldn't budge. I kept hard resetting it and rebooting it but it wouldn't fix I even was able to get it to bump up to 2% but it wouldn't go up above 2% I took it apart and took the battery out and replaced it now it turns on and is obviously at the lock screen but the screen is completely white. It wont fix and I'm not sure what to do. It also seems to be popping up in the left and right bottom corners next to the home button but for the life of me I can not figure out why.... It's my customers and I really want to fix it ASAP 1 for my customer and 2 for the sanity of my mind. Can someone please help me?

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