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Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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Very poor service on iPhone 6 VERIZON when on GSM network

I got an iphone 6 VERIZON version from a friend who broke the screen and tried to repair it himself he had bought just the glass and when i got it it was partialy disassembled. I replaced the entire screen digitizer and display. Phone works great except it does not get very good service. My kids both have iphone 5 we are all on the same plan through cricket. My iphone 6 loses service way before their 5 does...my phone will say no service and they will have 3 dots in some areas...what my question is what could cause this? is it due to having a verixon cdma phone on gsm network and the gsm radio in the cdma version not as powerful as what comes in an gsm phone? or could i have a hardware issue and is there any repair for this issue

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I'm not certain about the radio compatibility but most use the same ones now days. 5 Years ago that would be a problem but today I would doubt it.

If it was disassembled I would go back in and recheck your signal antenna cable attached to the charging port that connects near the battery connector. Also if the metal housing (frame) is bent in any way that would likely cause a problem with service.


well that may explain it i do believe that the fame of the phone is bent a little bit...the screen doesnt sit in quite right....if you dont mind me asking how does bent frame affect it


so the phone is not bent like hardly at all....just enuf that when the phone is assembled the sides of the screen just barley pop out...do you think this is eneough to affect it? eneough to disturb the solder joints for the chip?


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Hi Eddie

from the issues you explain and a bent device then most certainly you have a broken connection between the transceiver ic and the modem. if you have 2g,3g.4g the power amplifiers will not be the fault. if you have 2g,3g.4g then the antenna switches will be good. the rf circuit is complex but most issues arise from the transceiver and modem. you can try what many others have tried and heat the board although i would use caution with any lipo battery and intensive heat as the polymer becomes more unstable with heat. the true solution would be to have the modem re-balled to ensure a good connection followed by replacing the transceiver if the re-ball did not solve it

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