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Repair information and troubleshooting for the Dell Alienware 15. This 15.6 inch gaming laptop computer was released in 2015, and has since been discontinued by Dell.

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Where I can buy this this connector? and what does it call?


I looking for this part to repair my Alienware 15.

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I have attached a link to the service manual for the Alienware 15 model. On page 28, the cable you circled in black in your photo appears to be labeled the "Keyboard Backlight Cable". I can't find a part number for just the cable, so you may have to replace the entire keyboard to replace that one cable. If you do a search in your browser for "Alienware 15 replacement keyboard", you will find several options to choose from. Just make sure it is the correct part number before ordering anything.


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Hi @icefreak

I do hope that you're right and it is the cable. I saw this question before and wondered if the OP meant the actual connector socket on the pcb rather than the flex cable plug connector. It is a type of ZIF connector isn't it? Good luck fixing that if it is the socket on the board and has been pulled off!


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