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The iRobot Roomba 770 is a cordless, autonomous vacuum that will clean your floor without supervision.

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Move roomba to a new location and restart

That's the only response I get. Roomba does not run even though fully charged.

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Sharon Hughes have you tried to move it to a new location and press "Clean" to restart? There are microswitches on the wheels and one of them may not function. Any chance your Roomba got dropped or has issues with the wheels?


I am having the same problem I moved it to a new location. It was not dropped


I have the same issue, Roomba asks to be moved constantly. I've cleaned all the cliff sensors and brushes. Any suggestions?


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I have the same issue after I accidentally dropped it. Can't get the unit to move. I checked the wheel motors and front sensors. Any other ideas. I'm guessing a hard reset but don't know how to. Maybe a bad motherboard!?

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