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Printer Driver not working with El Capitan

My Konica Minolta 1650E is working like a dream from my iMac G3.

But after upgrading my MacBook Pro to El Capitan, I cannot make it print on my Konica Minolta printer, It goes all awry.

Word files not saved are simply erased, and most attempts to make a normal print end up with prints saying :

ERROR: ioerror



My own conclusion: The Konica Minolta driver will not work with El Capitan


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Double check your printer driver from the link above if its current then you'll need to talk with Konica Minolta to see if they can help you.

You also made a comment on loosing word files. I would recommend you first save the file before trying to print it as clearly MS Word is crashing when it attempts to print.

If you can't get Konica Minolta to help you, you may need to get someone local with programing skills to debug the driver or if an Apple authorized service center is able to help you.

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Word is crashing when I try to print.

Word is then re-booted, and in-between there is a note to Apple:

"Do you want this to be reported to Apple ?" I have a feeling Apple isn't really bothering with this instance.


Regarding Konica Minolta here in Denmark. They couldn't care less. I get an answer from them saying my "service has run out". --

And by the way the great but "cheap" KonicaMinolta printers in the Magicolor series were apparently to costly to produce. KM therefore left this sector of business.

Strangely enough they are offering a driver up to macintosh version 10.11

( I'm running 10.11.6 )

ie. NOT Sierra . My MacBook Pro is tooold to acceot Sirerra, Alas.


The one question I had forgotten to ask: Does your printer work with other apps?

Submitting the crash report does help! So I would encourage you to sed them in. The reason here is clearly something changed between the OS releases. This reporting to Apple won't do anything quickly (sadly). You need to talk directly to them! Call the support line or visit an Apple Store you need to make the effort to open the dialog.

Yes, I fully understand your plight here. Sometimes the better product looses its market to cheaper options or the company leaves the market.

Yes, you may still be using an older print driver whats important is it the newest thats available. It sounds like you are now.

If this is important to you you will likely need to find someone with programing skills to debug the drive failure and/or create a print driver that works.


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