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The Nintendo DS is Nintendo's seventh generation handheld game console.

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DS Capture - Will it work ONLY with this console?

(Sigh)... I am wanting to have a Nintendo DS Lite on 2017 xmas, so i dont want to have the original Nintendo DS, and with DeSmuME emulator my gaming on Pokémon will be TERRIBLE, now that "Pokemon games are better on real hardware, but bad on emulators!" Also i wanted to complete my Pokédex one day when i get this games... Will it REALLY work only with the original Nintendo DS??? Please help me.

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Hello, I'm sorry to say that the DS Lite has a different screen connector from the available capture cards so only the original DS can have a capture card. If you want to use the DS controls buy a ds shell with buttons solder tact switches to perf board and connect that to a teensy for a usb input to your pc. Then you can use it as a controller and map the buttons in DeSmuME.

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