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The Samsung Galaxy J1, released January 2015, model number SM-J100VPP.

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Odin mode not downloading

Hi. My Samsung Galaxy Ace J1 doesn't switch on. I tried the power+home+power down keys to download it just shows me this

Odin Mode (multi core download)

Product name SM-J110F

Current binary Samsung official

System status official

Secure download enabled


Do not turn off target!!

It doesn't go further than this and it doesn't give me any other options. When I switch it on it doesn't go further than the Samsung logo.

Please assist, I didnt drop it or download anything it just showed a message that android.phone not working but now its completely off

Can you please assist me

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Mine was Samsung Galaxy j100ml I can't use the Odin....



a custom OS can cause critical problems in phone and installed apps.

if you want to download a custom OS,press the volume up key.otherwise,press the volume down key to restart.

volume up:continue

volume down:cancel restart the phone

if I gotta press the volume up this is what will gonna be appear,







do not turn off target

I kept in my phone this way but its stuck just like that and I don't till when shud I wait it bcz nothing happen

key down by restarting my phone,it will just stuck on the blank screen which is SAMSUNG GALAXY J1 with the red (!)sign up on the screen of my phoneit will stay just like thatI don't have any other option, I tried both option,tricks etc..but nothing happen,,plz help


I only retired the battery and already xd


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Download Odin and flash the stock rom, this should fix it. Here's a guide: https://technosamigos.com/samsung-galaxy...

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Awesome its really Work

If you need latest version of this model visit this link:



thanks i will get to fix my mom’s phone, was worried the OS is gone needs specialist.


My phone model number is not in the firmware download choices, its SM-J105B. What should I do?


What if no pc what should do???


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use samsung kies to do recovery

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You can't use the latest version of Samsung Kies to flash firmware onto the phone. It also wipes data on the phone when it gets used anyway so better to flash using Odin program to keep data.


Oh thank you, I always assumed it wiped data


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How to fix the secure enable download

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