The HTC One Mini 2 was released in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia in May 2014. The HTC One Mini 2, model number M8MINx, features a single rear camera and 16 GB of storage. The HTC One Mini 2 is much like the HTC One M8 but smaller and less expensive.

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Motherboard replacing from EE to O2

As in topic.

I changed motherboard in my HTC One Mini 2... and rear camera stop to working. Front camera works fine. Originally motherboard and phone was EE, now motherboard is from O2. Because motherboard was O2 I must unlock phone, I did it.

After unlocking rear camera sometimes was working, and on second day after motherboard replacing, completly stops to work.

After motherboard changing everything works fine except rear camera...

Any suggestions...?

Update (02/23/2017)


I fixed problem with silver colored tapes. This is not a solution...

I think back cover cause problems with camera. Nothing else, just back cover. Camera works without back cover! I try find solution.

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I fixed the problem. Ribbon cable connector located at the bottom of the upper circuit board caused the problem. I changed it and now everything works fine. Step 13 "Battery" at HTC One Mini 2 Battery Replacement middle picture at that step.

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Check the camera has a good connection to the motherboard or maybe buy a new camera and see if that fixes it

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Thanx for your reply. I force stopped camera and then I cleared data and cache and for a couple of times it starts to work... but just for a couple of times...

About your suggestion: camera has a good connection to the printed circuit board (PCB) above motherboard and once I replaced camera, but without success, does not work...

But... when I have been changing motherboard I did not or not seal properly three woven, silver colored tapes to the motherboard and one silver tape by mistake I cutted...

Do you think, there an important woven, silver colored tapes...

Thanx for your reply!!!

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