White flashing light does not pair.

I got these power beats 2 and they don't pair with any of my device. It keeps blinking a white light and never pairs. I tried resetting it . It didn't work. I went to the apple service centre but they said nothing can be done but they would give a replacement for that i have to pay $110. Is there a way to get it fixed.


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Do the headphones appear in your 'device's' BT list?

If so and it still doesn't pair have you tried 'forgetting' the device in your 'device's' BT list and then trying to pair it again?

Apologies if you have tried this, just double checking.

If it doesn't work check to see if there is a firmware update available that you can load, that hopefully might resolve the problem by correcting any corrupted data, if that is the problem. This is only a suggestion and may not work if the headphones already have the latest firmware version installed and a reload of the same version is not allowed, only updates or if there are no updates to be had. I do not have a set to try it and find out.

Here is a link that describes what to do.


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Hi, It does not appear in the bluetooth list. It does not pair on any device. its up to date and still doesnt work



If it doesn't appear then the BT is not functioning. Either due to hardware or software.

Try holding right next to the device in case it is an antenna problem.

Other than that you'll have to open it up and hope something obvious stands out.


Mine is showing up on my device but won't connect.


It's most likely a short in the cable, meaning its dead.


Took mine apart left side took board out moved around reset and forgot device from my phone started working again..


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