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Announced in October of 2013. Identified by Model Number D610 and repair of this camera is similar to other Nikon D series camera of that year.

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Issues with shutter and lighting.

So I recently purchased the Nikon D610, I have been using the D3200 and am aware that these cameras are drastically different. My best friend has the D610 also and she loves hers and I have used it thats what made me purchase it.

She has no issues with hers, but I am having issues with the shutter not being consistent, so if I take photos back to back then the shutter slows down, usually in the middle photo I can hear it slow and the images come out bright and blurred. Another issue I am having is with the edges all being darkened in my photos, I have repeatedly went through the settings trying to fix this to no avail. When I received the camera (used) the setting to crop the sensor was on, I turned that off and that is when the dark edges began.

One of the many things that made me purchase the camera is simply because of the full frame sensor, so I would like to be able to use it. No, I am not a pro as you can probably tell but I was really hoping maybe someone could help me.

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with reference to the vignetting (dark endges), this is likely that you are using your old crop sensor lenses on full frame camera, this is because the lenses are designed to focus the light onto the smaller DX sensor (crop sensor), so they wont cover the larger FX sensor (full frame sensor) causing the dark edges, to avoid this use the camera in c1.5 crop or DX mode with those lenses and acquire some full frame lenses will stop this.

the photos being blurry in burst mode or when taking photos in quick succession could be down to the fact that the autofocus has not had time to aquire a lock before the shutter fires, try using rear button focusing or changing the release priority or focus rather than release...

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As @rayeasom wrote the dark edges has to do with the size difference of the sensor from DX to FX. It is alwys important to think about it when you change from DX to FX since you have to think about how many if any lenses you can continue to use when you have the FX system. Since you would have to buy new FX compatible lenses this can be a rather big cost since most FX lenses are more expensive than the DX.


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