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Announced in October of 2013. Identified by Model Number D610 and repair of this camera is similar to other Nikon D series camera of that year.

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Changing AF modes in Nikon D610

I used to be able to change my AF modes *AF-S, AF-C and AF-C * by pressing the AF button on the side of the camera and then rotating the wheel...it was easily explained in a youtube video - for the life I don't know what I've done but I can't see the modes in the viewfinder at all...any idea what I might've done? Help!!!

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This may sound stupid but make sure you do have autofocus switched on by the focus mode selector switch on the front of your camera and on the side of your lens (if its and autofocus lens) and that your camera is not in AUTO mode. hold in the autofocus selector button and rotate the rear command dial to select your desired settings, this is not available in any of the fully auto modes.

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not stupid at all but to answer your question lens is on M/A (as always), focus mode switch is on AF and the camera is on Manual mode, I can even set the 3 settings and the ISO but something has changed. For the life I can't see why I can't see my AF modes, there's a little picture of a small tiny button and that is all I get :-(


You could try restoring it factory settings, just hold down the [+/- Exposure Compensation] button and the [Thumbnail] button together, until the control panel turns off briefly while the camera resets itself to the default settings. This way would clear any setting you may have inadvertently changed.

The Nikon settings menu is a labyrinth at best and it's easy to forget where certain settings are, I keep the manual with my camera for that reason.

You'll lose any customisation you've made to the settings though, but I'm guessing you'll be happy to live with that.


did you ever get this resolved?? mine is now stuck in Auto and i cant change it at all, even after factory reset, Not Locked, AF Selected. etc.?


Has anyone figured this out? Same issue. Only time I’ve ever had a problem with this camera or Nikon. Tried different lenses, resetting to factory settings, flipping M/A switch... nothing. Stuck in manual focus.


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I have same problem & it is driving me mad :-( Anyone out there can help us?

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Any updates on a fix?


Hi, what happens when you press the AF-regime button (the one under the lens release button) and scroll using thee front wheel (the closest to the trigger). It should toggle between auto AF zone and single point. You can see on the D610 that on the LCD screen when the icons change. If it doesn't do that, it might be a FW issue. Something you might want Nikon's support involved.


Omg(osh) buddy! You did it, the answer for me anyway. I hadn’t added to an earlier note or anything - just thought I’d look into this again. Wow - I usually shot in this mode, left it for quite some time, and forgot my way back home. Thank you!


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