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Apple AirPods are wireless headphones released December 2016.

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Are there any electronics in the AirPod case lid?

For reasons I won't go into, I wish the AirPod case lid was not so form fitting around the tops of the AirPods. If I knew there were no electronics of import in the lid itself, I could make the changes I desire with a Dremel tool. I watched the teardown video but removing the lid lining was not performed. I'm hoping the lid is free of electronics and that the hinge connection is all that is going on there.

Can you comment?

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Just did what you apparently were considering, i.e. enlarging the lid with a Dremel-like tool. I had to stop the process when I saw some metal below the white plastic in the lid. Having checked with the X-ray image from the teardown, guess it's just some magnets. So will continue to drill. I need my Pods to fit into the case with silicone tips on, hate to take them on and off every time.

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Please keep us updated as to your success, finding or failure ,-)


same here. boring 'put in' 'put out' everytime.


Did you succeed?


Sorry guys for not updating you with the results.

I drilled the lid and the case deep enough to get the following results:

No electronics inside the lid, only four small magnets. Coupling magnets are in the case drilled to the same depth. The lid also has a couple of small black foam pieces with unknown purpose that tend to get in the way when drilling and end up being torn off. Also, both the lid and the case are comprised of several plastic details with some empty space in between, so when drilling you may easily get a hole in one layer. In the end, my case interior got a pretty ugly look but it can now accommodate AirPods with silicone tips on (approx. 0.5mm–1mm thick) and charge them with the lid fully closed.

The problem with AirPods that was intended to be solved with tips wasn't solved however. They still fall off my ears too easily. The best thing I can do is to keep my ears and AirPods as clean as possible so the Pods would sit in place a bit longer.

All in all I'd say drilling wasn't worth it.


Thank you so much for the update.


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Have you still not done it?


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