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Laser printer made by HP. Uses the 12A toner cartridge, which produces 2,000 pages at 5% coverage. Rated at 15 PPM.

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suddenly printing blank pages

HP laser 1012 printing fine then suddenly printing blank pages. Using Ubuntu 16.04LTS, Wind8.1, FF. Partitioned 475GB. Printer works but no ink on paper. Print preview shows what to print, does not print test page. Replaced toner cartage, still nothing. Excellent printer, meets the need perfectly. Using Linux HPLIP3.16.11.

What could be the problem and the fix?

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Is this a new toner cartridge? It won't print if you do not pull the yellow shipping tape out of the cartridge. If you have printed successfully with this toner then it is possible that the laser beam path is blocked or out of alignment. The laser beam path is from the front top of the printer to the wide but thin window on the print cartridge. Print a test page and open the top about half way through printing, remove the toner cartridge and lift the flap that protects the imaging drum, look to see if there is an image. The next check is to pull the toner cartridge out and check the contacts or try a known good toner cartridge. If the problem is not caused by laser blockage or dirty contacts then the probability is a bad power supply is no longer supply the high voltages needed to develop and transfer the image.

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HP1012 on Ubuntu 16.04

Did an update on the OS and the HP1012 would blink green light and nothing else when tried to print or self test print.

Removed printer, and ran hplip.run, and re-installed printer. Now it prints a blank page in Self Test from Ubuntu.

Long pressed button on the printer itself and Voila! Get a successful self test print out. Changed out cable and different USB port and still blank self test from Ubuntu.


To install the latest version of HPLIP driver by using a PPA, execute the following:

  • open a terminal (Applications > Accessoiries > Terminal)
  • type the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hplip-isv/ppa
  • press Enter and if needed, type the required password
  • type the following command: sudo apt-get update
  • then type the following command: sudo apt-get install hplip

Now when I did above, it now asks for a self test print out and it works. Now prints any document, no problem.

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I am using Windows 11 and experiencing the same thing. Please help, because this solution is for Linux


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i have same problem in hp laser jet p1007 . But the printer is printing the self test page successfully but any page from pc is printing blank. I have already changed the formatter board but no result. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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