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Replacement battery from iFixit


I have this weird issue. I needed to replace 1) battery and 2) lighting dock connector on my iPhone 5.

When I took my phone apart 1st time i didn't realize I needed this f%#king tiny 5/32 flathead so I only replaced the battery and let it sit for about 2 days, I did NOT charge it or anything.

It started at 73% and looked like it was draining OK gradually to about 62% - I can't remember.

In about 2 days I got a flathead, opened my phone 2nd time, replaced lighting dock assembly. And after I turned it on my battery % started to read inaccurately.

I wanted to drain it down below 10%, so I started at about 42% or something and kept playing on the phone until the battery reached 9%. However, it got STUCK on 9%, I waited till the phone actually died (still showing 9% before), then I put it on charge and turned it on - it showed 1% (seems OK). I charged it for 9 hours straight. After 9 hours it would STILL SHOW 1% - so I hard reset my phone and it showed 100% - seems OK.

It was laying down for 6 days, still showing 100%. Now,

I turn it off / on = shows 31%

I hard reset = shows 62% immediately

I put it on charge, wait 1 hour, hard reset = shows 100% and stuck at 100%

I ordered this replacement battery from iFixit. Did I happen to get a bad battery or this is a logic board issue?

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It is probably one of 2 things- a defective gas gauge in the battery or you broke off the filter for the gas gauge line next to the battery connector on the logic board. Check next to the battery connector for missing components or a scratched board.

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If its not the connector on the LB, can I ask for a replacement battery from iFixit?


Yes, you can contact them and ask for a replacement.


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I have just put my OLD battery back in. It gradually charges and discharges literally on my eyes. Changes are reflected respectfully on the battery charge indicator.

Block Image

I understand that this picture doesn't show sh%t, but those "filters for the gas gauge line next to the battery connector" are the microscopic silver cylinders right next to the connection and I guarantee that none of them look not any tiny bit damaged...

I'm calling it a battery and ask for a replacement. May the force be with me.

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