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A general purpose laptop released in 2010 with a 15.6" screen.

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Why wont my laptop load browser say's connected and secured?

wont load browser wi fi on and working?

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Which browser?

Which OS?

Specs of your model?

Does Task Manager show any intensive programs running?

Have you restarted the device?

Have you reinstalled the browser you are trying to use?


Yeah it's stuck in the word says press any key to boot from CD or dvd and it just keeps beeping I press any key and it just makes a louder noise


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Verify whether your DNS settings are working in the event that it naturally obtains IP and DNS. I as a rule include OpenDNS in my remote switch so alternate PCs that associate consequently utilizes open dns without setting it up. Right tap on the association you are utilizing and snap properties and double tap on web convention form 4 and it ought to raise a window. On the off chance that both say get delivers consequently then go to order incite and sort ipconfig/all and search for DNS servers

Just utilize this openDNS number for testing to ensure its the issue

Acer Pc Support

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