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starting last night, my phone stopped holding a charge

so last night I do what I normally do, I plugged my phone in and set my alarm and went to sleep.

when I woke up it was at 100% unplugged it, got dress, go in my car and it linked up to my phone and started playing music.

30 seconds later my music stopped. I picked up my phone and it said it was too hot to do anything and needed to cool down.

it cooled down and reconnected and did the same thing over and over till I got to work. it was warm to the touch, nothing to where I couldn't hold it. maybe a lil warmer than when it gets warm when under extreme load or charging.

ive tried uninstalling all recent apps, restarting it, resetting it to factory settings, airplane mode, have looked in the diagnostics to see whats crashing.

what I do know.

my wife got her phone wet and then tried to charge it and it shorted out the cord and her charging port. she bought a new cord (wasn't an iphone one) that one also got friend. she then bought a new actual iphone cord and now her phone charges ok.

she used my cord the other day could it have possibly messed up my phone?

I have not tried to restore a backup yet but until there what do you think it could be?

thanks for the input!!

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You could have a defective battery, the 6S series of phones is well known to suffer from poor batteries (although mostly the 6S, not the 6S Plus). That would certainly be an easy thing to try as the gas gauge on the battery may be sending a faulty signal to the CPU.

However, given all of the genuine/non-genuine charging cable issues, I would also suspect a problem with the charging IC. Non-genuine Lightning cables do not have the communications chip inside that Apple uses. Additionally, non-genuine charging bricks are also not "protected" against power surges. Most people think that the protection circuitry is on the phone but in reality is in the charging devices. So it is possible that your charging circuit was damaged by poor quality cables and bricks.

Does iTunes recognize your phone?

If you have a defective charge circuit, this will require a micro-soldering repair and is not DIY.

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