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Third generation Surface Pro tablet, released June 20, 2014.

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What temperature does the glue need to be heated to?

I am removing the display on my surface pro three and I want to know what temperature to set my heat gun to so the adhesive will give way but I won't melt or damage any parts

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What do you mean by teacher? And the temperature is 80C by the way. If you are trying to separate a non-cracked screen good luck as only people that open these often can do that without damaging it.


No kidding! My first attempt at removing a undamaged display did not go well. I am hoping the section attempt goes better as i have another surface pro with an undamaged display I am going to try.


its nearly impossible to remove these without breaking them because the digi is so thin. and the lcd is loca to the digi


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I used my 3D printer's heated bed to warm the display and soften the adhesive. Set to 60 C (same as I usually print with), a few minutes of laying face-down on the bed did the trick.

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I have also done that successfully a few times. I use a somewhat higher temperature of 80c though and leave it only for a short time, about two minutes. That way the heat gets quicker to the glue and doesn't have time to get further into the phone.


I'm about to do something similar (and will happily report back on success of this approach); but also wondering if anybody has tried using one of those USB 'heated blankets' that allegedly heat up to 60-70deg C


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What do you mean by "heating element" you really should use the iOpener or a heat gun. There really isnt a "tempurature" Just dont keep it in one spot and move it around aiming closer to where the adhesive is located and when it get too hot to touch thats the general rule of thumb that its ready to be removed.

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How hot is too hot to touch. Im thinking around 120 degrees Celsius, is this too hot to touch? I dont want to burn my self.


@jbenentt657 Thats wayyyy to hot. Should be around 60-70 C. 120 C is hot enough to burn you bad. "Too hot to touch" is when you cant keep your finger on it for more than a second, if you can, heat more. Once you cant, its good. Focus the heat around the edges if you can


Javon, I think you are confusing Fahrenheit with Celcius. 120 Farenheight is closer to what you want. That's the max temp for a water heater to prevent scalding. So, that's pretty hot, but for softening glue, its almost perfect. That temp is equal to 48.8 Celsius. If you actually used 120 Celsius, your phone would work perfect, b/c you would be buying a new one. :) OK, so I just used my heat gun and a temp gun to check, and around 140+ degrees Fahrenheit is good. So, I agree with Cameron. He suggested 60 C - 70 C, and that is equal to 140 F - 158 F.

To get to that temp with a heat gun only takes a few seconds. However, it also cools down rapidly, so be prepared to work quickly the moment you take the heat off and begin prying the glass up. After 5-10 seconds of working on the glass, you may have to heat up for another 2-3 seconds.


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