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12.1" business laptop released in June 2012 by Lenovo. This laptop uses multiple product numbers, which vary based on configuration.

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ThinkPad lenovo not charging

Hi I need help the lenovo ThinkPad is not charging ,not sure there's a problem with the port .

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Check to make sure the power cord is firmly in place in the power adapter. The power cord sometimes loses contact with the receptacle in the power adapter.


My thinkpad lenovo doesn't turn on and led flashes once when connected to a charger


I have been through 5 power cords with my Lenovo Thinkpad T 530. Next time I have issues, I’ll try one of these ‘fixes’ and let you know if it works.


ok so my bunny chewed through my think-pad charger i have 2% remaining but the charger only stopped working today it has been working for a couple months now and it also has a burnt rubber smell to it should i be concerned


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Remove the battery and the AC adapter (charger). Press and hold the power button for 3 - 4 seconds with these removed. Pop your battery back in, along with the AC adapter. If it still refuses to charge, you could be looking at a bad battery or possibly a bad charging circuit on the motherboard.

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I took my x230 apart, checking the small yellow AC connector for the adapter, plugged in several times in confusion and looking bamboozled at the orange

battery (which is the original btw) LED.

How in god's name does one come to get to know something like that, which isn't even mentioned in the manual.

I'm a happy x230 customer but that lock is bizarre and just effin stupid

Live long and prosper,

Greetings from Germany


Does anyone know what process the comment from hyphenpoint is talking about? It does not seem like he is talking about the process mentioned in the answer above but sounds interesting and I can't figure out what they mean and what they did.

You took the computer apart and then what did you check on the small yellow adapter? What lock did you find? How did you unlock it? Maybe I'm misunderstanding the comment but it sounds like they are talking about something different than any of the other solutions but I cannot figure out what lock he unlocked after taking apart the computer.

Any thoughts?


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When you’ve found that your laptop battery is plugged in but not charging, one of the first troubleshooting steps is to check your hardware faulty and make sure the hardware components work properly.

  1. Make sure that you power cable is not damaged. If the cable is not working, you won’t be able to charge.
  2. A bad AC adapter may cause your battery charging issue even if you’ve plugged in your battery. So you can try another AC adapter and see if it makes changes.

If your Lenovo is not charging even plugged in, you can also try power resetting your laptop, and this method works for many people who have the same issue. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Shut down your laptop.
  2. Unplug your charger (power cable).
  3. Remove the battery from your laptop.
  4. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds, then release it.
  5. Put your battery back in and plug your charger into your laptop.
  6. Turn on your computer, and it should start charging now.

A missing or outdated battery driver in your Lenovo can also cause the “plugged in not charging” issue. So you should make sure that your battery driver is up to date, and update it if it’s not.

You can go to the manufacturer’s website, and download and install the latest version of your battery driver.

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I work at a school - we have a bunch of Lenovo A485. Many of them not charging. The solution this time was.

  1. Turn on laptop while battery and charger was connected.
  2. Login to OS
  3. Unplug battery while laptop turn on with charger connected.
  4. Wait a few secs. (15 aprox.)
  5. Connect battery again.
  6. Confirm that laptop is charging or repeat from step 1. Usually works in first try.

Good day to all

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Oh my god. This really worked. Thank you so much, you saved me money and a trip to the repair center. Created account on this site just to put this comment. Thanks a ton


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Usually this is due to bad charging circuit in Thinkpad.

If you have a meter, remove the battery and you will see a set of connector from Thinkpad to battery.

The first 2 slightly longer connector pins is Negative. The next 3, you should get 3.3v when power adapter is plugged. If one of them is missing, your battery would not charge.

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The battery pack of x230 is wired in 3 groups. Each is charge via the 3.3v supply via the connector.

If this voltage or part of them is missing. Battery will not charge or return to full charge. You will need to have the main board serviced. Usually this is due to one or more MosFET chip or fuse on the board go defective.


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I don't know the author but this worked for me.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Shut down your laptop.
  • Unplug your charger (power cable).
  • Remove the battery from your laptop.
  • Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds, then release it.
  • Put your battery back in and plug your charger into your laptop.
  • Turn on your computer, and it should start charging now.

Mar 9, 2017

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What worked for me for a while:

  • Turn the laptop on with charger plugged in (or plug it after the next step)
  • Login to the OS
  • Close the laptop
  • Open it
  • Now, it should detect you have it plugged in

It worked like a charm for a few weeks, now the battery doesn’t seem to work properly. But hopefully it may help someone.

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I want to add one more way here by which your laptop battery won’t charge. You should apply it and check whether it’s charging now or not.

Minimize the resources use:

Running apps and software keep draining the battery of the laptop. Your laptop battery won’t charge In case of apps are consuming the power more than charging. Might possible your charger is charging the laptop and battery is also working, but consumption is high. In that case apply the below steps to fix the issue:

  • Open windows process task bar by tapping Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  • Find the list of program from window open.
  • Right-click on the programs and click end process which one consuming high CPU and memory.
  • Also uninstall the not useful software from the PC.

You can change some more settings like power management and stop windows features. To know about their steps open fix Windows 10 laptop not charging issue. The article written here is my own and contains detailed information.

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Laptop not charging usually is charging circuit or battery has problem. Next to suspect is under wattage charger.

As laptop charging circuit and supply circuit to CPU, or GPU is separated. They should not affect each other.


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