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Repair guides and support for Ford's third-generation E-Series full-size van, also known as the Econoline or Ford Club Wagon.

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Rear brakes shoes leaking

I want to repair my rear brakes I'm losing fluid i see it's wet when I look from behind rear driver side please advise

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You miss-word your question as brake shoes carry no fluid.

But you mean your seeing fluid near your rear wheel and it could be brake fluid.

Is your fluid reservoir going empty? You are probably correct but to prove it is brake fluid leaking then you must be loosing it from the system and need to fill the reservoir.

Ok, if this is true then next, run the back tire up on a couple of blocks so you can actually get under. Also place something to wedge your wheels to keep it from moving and running over you. Take a light under and a wipe cloth and examine the back of the brake area to follow the leak trail. See the steel tube going from the backing plate directly behind the wheel and follow it to were it joins into a "t" up on the axel.

Now is the leak from this T or down closer to the wheel?

Use your rag if necessary to wipe the tube and prove the leak is not in the tube.

Look then at the backing plate and see if the oil is coming from inside the plate or on top of the plate.

If from behind the plate then it is probably the brake cylinder area inside the brake housing.

If the oil is coming from the outside of the backing plate, Wipe it off with your rag and determine if it could be a loose fitting in the external part of the brake cylinder where the brake line attaches. It may also be a split in the steel tube, or has been crushed and cracked the tube.

Until you have determined where the leak is actually coming from we can not do more here.

But hopefully you have enough information to start your troubleshooting.

Re post your findings if needed.

Good luck

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