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(Water damage) MacBook Pro not turning on even with green light


I am currently working on a 2010 MacBook Pro 13" on which water has been spilled.

I got the motherboard out and cleaned it with alcohol to remove oxydation. Then I replugged everything and tried to start the machine. When I press the power button, nothing happen. I get the green light on power adapter when I plug it.

I tried to power on the machine with the battery plugged and it isn't working either. Even when the battery is plugged the indicator light doesn't go from green to orange to say it is charging.

I tested every PP3V42_G3H_REG component on the motherboard and the voltage is fine. I tried to look if there was anything blown up on the motherboard and every component seems fine.

I don't know what to do now, anyone got an idea?

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Which model is it? 2011+ will boot with the battery disconnected as soon as the charger is connected (make sure to disconnect the keyboard too). If it is not, there is an issue with the board.

If it is pre 2011, have you tested it with a new keyboard? This is likely the issue.

Beyond this, you need to measure all the power aliases on the MacBook board, something will be missing or low. Don't just focus on PP3V42_G3H, many things will prevent it from booting (check G3H rails, S5 rails, S3 rails, S0 rails, etc)

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Sorry forgot to say which model, it is a 2010 MacBook Pro.

So you are telling me the keyboard, could be the issue? I don't get the point between the keyboard and the fact that the MacBook won't power on.


The 2010 model will only power on if the power button is pressed. If the keyboard is bad (power button is part of this), it will not boot.

Measure WS_KBD_ONOFF_L whilst pressing the power button. If it does not drop to around 0.8V or below, the power button is bad. You can also bypass the keyboard by shorting this signal to ground momentarily.


I get about 0.4V from the WS-KBD-ONOFF_L while pressing power button, so this mean the power button is okay.


I tested the power button and I get 0.4V while pressed. This means the power button would be OK. Now when you mean short the signal to ground, you mean using a wire to bridge WS_KBD_ONOFF_L to the ground directly ?


The keyboard seems to be fine since I get 0.4V when button is pressed.


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