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My old MBP is still working, great for a 10 year old mac. Although very slowly, now I only use it as a media server of sorts, upgraded the HDD to 750GB, battery and DVD drive are gone, 32bit apps stoped updating namely chrome ( only used for streaming podcasts/radio while working.

The problem is that is very slow or incapable of running/ loading movies (i.e. x265 codec videos) streams, etc...

Is there a way to speed it up ? Replace LB and use screen, keyboard and use as proper server 64bit, maybe? So it's compatible with my other work computers

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You should consider running apple bootcamp so you may use windows 7 media server. If not, a factory reset should fix your problem.

== UPDATE ==

You have the 2.16 GHz, yes? If so, you can run a 64 bit os. An SSD would solve the slowness, and changing the OS to 64bit to solve the playback problem.

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@pccheese - Sorry George going to MS Windows wont alter the limits of the hardware. Besides most people who bought Apple hardware want to stick with MacOS not switch to MS Windows.


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Sorry there really isn't anything you can do here to address the limitations of the hardware.

Think hard how much you want to spend on replacing the HD to a hybrid or SSD drive as well as maxing out the RAM this system can support.

Frankly, I would look at saving my pennies to get a newer system or get a server system like a Mac mini.

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@danj, I figured it was a software issue because apps arn't updating. My laptop came with a core duo T2300 (a very similar processor to this one's) and was perfectly capable of watching videos. I am not as experienced with Mac as you are, but-


Thanks, there's not much it can be done I guess. I might upgrade to a SSD or hook it to a External HD to play the random movies and music and keep up with my growing collection.

The Hardware 32-bit platform, limits a lot of apps. The latest VLC player, required to play x265 codec supports only 64-bit one. So the latest videos are a hassle.

The factory reset did work, kind of, got rid of all the bloat and doesn't feel as laggy as before.

Thanks, guys


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You can actually use the LCD as an external monitor if you use a driver board for the correct LCD.

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