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Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это большая версия iPhone 6 с 5.5-дюймовый экраном.

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Please Help identifying: screen issue vs something else?

Hello! Thanks in advance!

I need help from someone who has dealt with the following before:

iPhone 6 Plus. Works fine, however a few times per day the screen will NOT turn on.

The backlight will come on instead. After that I would (don't laugh) knock on the display a few times with my knuckles and the screen comes ON but pale (full of white lines) and the touch surface is not responsive at this point. Every time after that I hit the power button twice and the phone comes back to normal until the next occasion.

Note: the phone itself seems to WORK when the screen is off. I can take screenshots and find them in the gallery later (lock screen) OR if I unlock the phone with Touch ID and then lock it back, I can hear the "locking" sound.

I did drop my phone a few times before this started to happen.

Tried hard reset, didn't help (the problem repeats shortly afterwards)

Question to you folks, is this the hardware or software issue? Will replacing the screen fix this problem?

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Most obvious thing for me here would be broken LCD/Digitizer ribbon on the screen side


Detached LCD/digitizer ribbon connector side ( less likely due to the plate that holds them on)

If this is the case a new screen would do the job

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Does the iFixit stock (this website) sell original Apple displays or aftermarket replicas?


If a supplier does not specify OEM or refurbished original screen then they are not original displays.

You can only obtain original iPhone screens if you take them from another phone or get refurbished OEM screens (Though the refurbished glass may not be original).

And they cost quite a bit more. Probably around $30+.


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