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integrated stereo amplifier had some burned resistor I cant identify

i have obtained a Marantz pm-57 amplifier. It used to work, but after a power surge it had died. i have opened it up and found one of the fuses has gone bye-bye... lacking knowledge i have closed the circuit with screwdriver bolt {!!!!!}. i know, stupid idea, but nothing better have came to my mind. it was a mistake, which have caused one of the resistors to do some lightning effects and smoke parade... i am unable to identify it, using resistor colour strip guide i have found on the internet.

also, i have found service plans for this thing. after painful search, i was able to identify {well, sort off} it as carbon resistor 33r {using the guide}. but in the plans, it shows 330R... i don't want to burn it even more...

as this was resistor for one of the channels, i assumed, there must be another one, the same for the other channel. i have made a picture, to show it to you guys...burned part

the one directly above that white thing...

it actually shows the part which still is functioning.

can someone please identify this for me?

thank you

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thank you for clarifying the part. i am now going to local electro shop to harass them a bit :P

well, screwdriver... if you quickly want to close the circuit, it works. unfortunately, this fuse was T type, meaning Timed... so i blew it up:P never mind, i have learned something new...


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looking at your picture and using the guide I come up with a 330r as well. http://parts.digikey.com/1/parts/762071-... and here it is looks like the one in your picture. Hope that helps, good luck...fuse, screwdriver???:-)

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