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The sixth generation of the Mazda Protegé, also known as the Mazda Familia and the Mazda 323. The five-door fastback edition was known as the Familia Astina or the 323F.

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Have trouble, moving the stick from Park to any gear

mazda prodige 1989. after I start the car, the stick shift remain locked, I have to try several times until I'm able to release it.

Any sugestions?


Thia problem is only when the car is cold (now we are in winter) after many try it works, after that it work all the time until I leave the car for a while.

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George, is it a stick shift or an automatic?


It is automatic, after several intents, the buttom can be depress completily and put it in drive.


Sounds like a misaligned shifter linkage. Does it happen all the time or just sometimes?


George Pavesio, not sure where you are and what your winter is like. I am in South Texas and it is pretty nice :)weather; anyhow I keep thinking that you might either have ice and/or dirt build up in the linkage. I would clean out the entire linkage and apply a good weather resistant lubricant to the entire linkage, as well as the shift linkage on your transmisson. Good luck...


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The problem is most likely in the shifter assembly or the circuits and devices that control the interlock.Check the transmission by disconnecting the shift cable and manually engaging the transmission. I believe there should be a little cover next to the shifter you can pry off and stick a long screwdriver in to get the shifter out of park Once you get the console of check the park position lever to see if it is bent or out of alignment. Also make sure that your brake lights are working. If not, replace the fuse since this will also lock your shifter in park. Good luck.

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