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Released January 2015. Android smartphone.

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Touch screen replacement without combo


I have redmi 2 mobile. My mobile touch is not working problem but display is working fine. I have visited many of mobile repair tech. but they are saying this can be fixed by replacing combo touch and display. please suggest can we repair this type of issue by replacing touch only..or we have to replace touch and display both.

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Hello Kanwar

How are you?

All touch screen phone screens are made up of third parts

  1. Glass
  2. Digitiser
  3. Screen (LCD or OLED)

Most phones screens fuse all three of the above together making it almost impossible to separate without damaging the screen. Most phone repair places don't even try as the amount of time needed out ways the cost to charge the customer for a full screen (all three of the above parts) Assembly.

LCD screens are much cheaper than OLED

I can find a full Screen Assembly for Xiaomi Redmi 2 for only AU$23.43

Hope this helps

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Only Touchscreen replacement is possible for Xiaomi Redmi 2. Contact REFIX in Bangalore. They are the real professional experts in any brand of mobile phone repair. They have the solution for any kind of problems in mobile phones. Refix contact # +91-96638 17771

All the best

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Hi Kanwar,

Yes, I think they are right, I have this phone and once tried to replace only the digitizer, the LCD and digitizer are fully glued together and I think it is almost impossible to take them apart without bricking the LCD. even with special screen heating tools.

So I broke my LCD and now bought another LCD+Touch bundle and today I will replace it easily.

I think you should accept this fact and buy a new LCD bundle.

I hope you wouldn’t pay for a digitizer and my experience help you.

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