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Mini SD card usage

My mom has an 8GB Apex tablet and it out of memory space. It has a mini SD card slot which I have put a new mini SD card in. The tablet knows it is there but will not give us an option to move apps to the card or download stuff to it. Does anyone know how to get it to use the card? Thanks

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Hi there!

When you inserted the card in the tablet, did the tablet offer to format the card? Can you pull the card up on the tablet through any sort of 'file explorer', etc? Can you access the information currently on the card through the tablet? It may sound like simple and silly questions I'm asking, but the answers to these questions could help me ...or another person...help you figure out what's amiss.

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Hi Barb

Have you tried to format the SD Card for this unit?

If not, try the instruction manual or get on to YouTube and you will get help

Also check if SD Card is an acceptable storage size and that the unit will let you move that type of media to an SD in the first place ?

Hope this helps to solve or put you on a good path to source the information :)

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My answer was marked as spam? Hmm? That was a waste of time.

Good luck.

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Hi Barb.

It's really difficult to help you with your device unless I could actually see what your looking at. But I will try to advise you as best I can. From what I can see online, the tablet you have is an e-reader tablet like the one here on Amazon; https://www.amazon.com/Apex-Intel-Androi.... Some of these come with 1gb and as much as 32gb mini sd cards installed by the manufacturer. From what I've read on one reviewer in an Android forum concerning your tablet (e-reader), it was not designed to transfer memory from one card to another on the same tablet. Even though you have 8gb of storage, your running on 1Gb of internal memory, and the memory might be having a conflict with the new unformatted card.


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