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Android tablet with Wi-Fi capability and front camera.

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Why is my tablet powering on but stops in the middle of the loading?

When ever I power on my tablet, it does the normal turning on, but stops it's powering in the middle so it does not allow it to turn on fully. Does anyone else have this problem?

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yes, keep it charging for 6 weeks in 20 degree heat (Celsius) and check it every day

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BEFORE DOING THIS make sure nothing else works because hard resting resets everything ALL YOUR APPS PICTURES, EVERYTHING. But this is how you do in if you can't do anything else.

Start with this:

1: Press and hold the home button

2: Press and hold the volume up key

3: Press and hold the power button

Then go down two (using the volume buttons to toggle up and down)

Press the power button to select

Then use the volume buttons to highlight the yes and press the power


When you get back to the menu, hold the power for a few seconds and wait.

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It does no have a home button...


Try just the up and power, and hold it for a good amount of time, sometimes up to 30 seconds


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