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Computer will not turn on

I have read about this and the info from Apple but when I go to the trouble shooting it describes looking for diagnostic LEDS. I don't believe that my model has these as my disassembly take the front off not the back as the pictures show.

My computer was working then one day it was off and I can't get any response (power) at all. I have read about power supply and motherboard issue but don't know where to start. Is it worth trying to replace the power supply ($140)? Is this the right first step?

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The diagnostic lights on your machine are to the right of the RAM slots on the logic board. Let us know their status and we can help you to get a diagnostic on your machine.

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If you are handy with tools and careful you can disassemble this beast but know that it is not a general user repair. The guide on this site works quite well, you'll need to add in a bit of the HDD removal so you can fish out a cable but it does just fine. If you are not handy then I priced out the repair from a Mac repair guy in town and it would have run $180 in labor, and then the PSU costs. For that you can pretty much score a working newer model on eBay.

At the very least you might want to open it to get your HDD out. My worry is not the disassembly, but the reassembly.

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Well Andy, you're a real downer. I see this is your first contribution. I'm a volunteer on this site and have helped a couple of thousand people repair their Macs. Why not leave the advice to the people who know what they're talking about.


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