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External storage options by Seagate, usually connected by USB, available in many storage sizes and form factors.

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Clicking sound from the hard disk head

I have dropped the external Seagate backup plus 3 TB drive.

I opened it up to see if anything is stuck;

Looks like the disk rotation and heads are moving fine, except the noise.

Any suggestions? Or is this gone for good?

Here is a video:


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It is call "Click death", the heads move but are not sensing information and move to home to attempt to recalibrate. That is fatal error. One the other hand, the video shows a drive opened up to reveal the platters and the heads, the air filter pops up and out shortly after starting the drive. Opening up the drive should only be done in a clean room environment, the heads are very close to the disc and dust is large enough to damage the heads. If the click death was not enough, removing the case made sure that the drive is bad. About the only thing you can do with it is to demonstrate how a drive works.

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Thanks :(

Got carried away with online videos and looks like I made a fatal mistake.

Is it possible to change the platters and get the data back? Or it is gone for good?


There used to be a picture showing how close the heads are to the platters, it also showed small specks of dust and a hair both of which were much bigger than the gap between the heads and the platters. You can contact a drive recovery service, but it won't be cheap but they will have the clean room environment and equipment to have a chance to get your data. The question you must answer is whether the data you have is worth the cost of recovery. The cost of recovery varies depending on how hard it is to get to the data, typically it costs hundreds to thousands of dollars.


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Never open a hard drive that you plan on using, unless you're a professional in a sealed environment. Even then it's risky. Now that your hard drive has been dropped, damaged, and opened, that drive is a very unreliable. Too unreliable. If the data on it is that important, than you'll have to send it to a data recovery place, which might charge a pretty penny. But I don't recommend doing it yourself if your data is important. A word of advice: don't delete the data off your computer until has been safely transfered to another computer.

Hope this helps.

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I got an external drive doing the same thing. I looked it up and saw it is the "click of death". Sure enough, no files can be read or moved during clicking/knocking on this one.

I read that and started trying to transfer files. I slapped the top of it.

Basically, it starts clicking and then files no longer transfer over to another external drive for backing up. I slap the top of the bad one that is clicking again, and they start transferring after a few seconds to half a minute.

It does it again and i slap it again, it starts back up okay again.

I'm hoping I get them all transferred before the final breath.

It is like 24 gb of stuff. I had wiped it clean and started on it again saving files just a few months ago when it was fine. I just cleaned it up then to create new space. It's prob ten to 8 years old.

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It sounds like the heads are getting stuck on the platters (possibly due to a scratch) - Your 'slapping' it is temporarily dislodging the heads allowing them to read/write until they get stuck again... rinse and repeat...


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