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Fujifilm X-T10 is a mirrorless digital camera released in 18 May 2015.

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Q, OK, MENU, DISP/BACK and Fn buttons not working

All the buttons on the right side of the camera down from the Q button stopped working.

Often when starting the camera it jumps straight to the firmware upgrade screen which could mean the DISP/BACK button is stuck but it clicks just fine.

The AE-L and AF-L buttons work fine.

There's no Control Lock displayed on the screen as described in the Manual for the camera.

Any ideas what to do? Or is the only option left to send it in?

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Hi, from what I can see in dissassembly pictures, all those buttons are on the same back part of the camera, together with LCD.

If you feel comfortable doing dissassembly, you could try to open your camera following first steps until you remove the whole back panel together with LCD.

First try to reseat the flex cable that goes to the back panel.

If it would not help, try to dissasseble back panel itself, and look for possibly loose connection to the buttons.

Good luck :)

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