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Repair guides and support for full size headphones that encompass the entire ear, also known as circumaural headphones.

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Parts for Repair of the Slider/arms for Sennheiser HD555

Hi there all!

I have a Senheisser HD555 and it has two broken slider/arms, they've been cracking for a while now, but one side snapped a year ago and the other side looks like it'll go pretty soon. I've had them for nearly a decade now, but besides the crack, the sound is pretty decent, so I don't want to just throw them away. Glue doesn't work anymore, so the part replacement is where it's at.

Now that said, I can't seem to find parts anywhere for this (I'm in Canada FYI). Any leads?

Here's a photo of the damage.

Right Ear

Left Ear

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Finding the parts (undamaged) is going to be tough. I'd try Sugru:

Sugru Moldable Rubber (3 Pack)

Sugru Moldable Rubber (3 Pack) Изображение


Sugru Moldable Rubber (3 Pack)


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