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A guitar shaped controller for Guitar Hero III of the Guitar Hero video game franchise.

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Red, Yellow, and Blue Fret Buttons Stop Working

Hi, I ordered a new guitar the other day to try and play my old GH3 game again. It was fine for 2 hours, but then 3 fret buttons stopped working. Along with this, the guitar connects to the second controller slot for some reason (the second light turns on), and the other lights are blinking weirdly. If there are any fixes anyone knows about, they would be greatly appreciated.

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The buttons losing connectivity sounds like the neck to body connection might have worn contact pads. Remove the neck and inspect the copper pads where the body’s pins land. If the pins have worn through the copper, then you (A) need to add a small bead of solder to the pads, or (B) replace the board. If the pads look okay and haven’t been worn through, try wiping them off GENTLY with isopropyl alcohol on a cue tip.

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I came up with an interesting solution today, after trying to resolve this problem for 3 years. All it takes is a gum wrapper and a toothpick. Simply twist the wrapper into a wire-like shape, and wrap it around the base of connecters inside the guitar. Use the toothpick to press it into place. Then insert the neck back in, you may now need extra pressure for it to latch. This technique snugged the neck into place, making the connections solid. Good Luck!!

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