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The Western Digital My Passport Ultra is a USB 3.0 portable storage device with a 1 TB capacity.

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unit comes up in device and printers and on wd software

unit comes up in device and printers and on wd software but displays 0 bytes cant erase or anything. how do I fix it.

Update (05/12/2017)

Hi there Conor, Yes - my passport ultra comes up in the device list - but cannot be initialised and if you check properties - comes up with all the below details and yes if you check management Disk 1 does come up there too, but your unable to initialise the disk still says disk 1 and unknown nothing further no partitions or capacity or anything - so im thinking was it formatted via dos without partitions and labels? is it fixable?

My Passport Ultra = 0 bytes

Disk 1

Type = Unknown

Status = Not initialised

Part Style = N/A

Capacity = 0 Bytes

Unallocated Space = 0 MB

Reserved Space = 0 MB

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Does it work on another PC?

If you open "Device manager" is it there under Disk drives?

If you open "Disk Management" is it there in the volume list?

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