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The 8.9" version of Amazon's new high-end tablet series, released in November, 2013.

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Screen or Battery Dead?

So when While my girlfriend was using the Kindle it all of a sudden shut off. Pretty sure the battery had some charge, so that leaves me to believe it isn't the battery. I'm also getting 3.2 Volts off the battery when I multimeter the leads. However, i'm not sure if it's the screen either. It's been inside an otter box its whole life. I'm leaning towards the idea that the backlights in the kindle burned out or some other weird screen anomoly but i'd love a second opinion before i buy a new assembly. Thanks a bunch!

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Plug in the power charger and wait about 15 minutes to make sure it gets enough charge, and then try turning it on again.

If it still won't turn on, try to reset the Kindle Fire again to be sure it's powered off.

for most of the time, this doesn’t mean that it’s “broken” or has a problem. Most of the electronic devices, including smartphones or tablets, have a tendency to become “stuck”, when the device is stuck, the power is on but it will not work properly because it’s locked up.

To unlock the Kindle device, the easiest and fast solutions is reset your Kindle device. Press and holding down the power button for 20 seconds or more. Then turn the device back on by hitting the power button again. If this doesn’t work the first time, you can try holding the button down for 30 seconds or more. Most of the time, this will be all you have to do to get the Kindle Fire up and working again.

Plugging the Kindle device into your computer and wait about 30 minutes before trying to turn it on again. If the device refuses to start up, try resetting it again.

If it still won’t turn on, it’s possible that you have a broken charging cable. The cables that come with the Kindle are not known for their quality. Try charging the tablet with another cord that has a Micro USB connection and see if the device responds. Normally, the charging cord from your smartphones and tablets(Android Device) will work with the Kindle.

And there is another possibility that the battery is broken, then you need to replace a new one. but if you found that it's hard to handle then you need to seek professional help.

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I've tried all of this - but sadly the Kindle still remains dead as a dodo. It just suddenly turned off in the middle of a game. It had been charging all night so the battery wasn't flat and it won't turn on even if I have it plugged in. I've used several different chargers and leads too.


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I have had the same problem, the kindel 8.9 hdx stopped taking a charge and wouldn't work unless it was plugged in 24/7. One night it started flickering and shut off and that's the last time it worked. I've replaced the battery with an oem battery but wont power on still. I have a model # of t6s1004.

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Battery needs to be at least 3.7V before it's control & protection circuit will allow it to be charged by the device. It can be charged to the threshold using a bench power supply.

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