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A smaller version of GM's rebirth of the Hummer.

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How to replace a front turn signal?

How do you access the front turn signal to change the bulb on a H3?

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Armando, did you ever get it fixed?


So I've read most of the answers on a number of blogs.theyre all wrong!

I did both front signal bulbs in 15 minutes after ignoring all of it. Pull the PANEL RIVETS (they aren't called pins like e everyone seems to think they're called) from the front half of each inner wheel well.There are 5. Pull the center pin out then the rivet so they dont break.Pull the front of the inner plastic well to the outside an then down to clear the plastic bumper cover.Reach up and turn the lamp socket.Theres more than enough wire harness to get it outside the panels and change the bulb.Its nuts to remove the grille and the headlights like everyone says.Its equally nuts to pay an hour of shop minimum for a bulb that takes 7 minutes per side.The tool I used is on Amazon. Yisige multi-purpose diagonal cutting and trim, panel rivet pliers.16 bucks.Works like a charm.You can buy the panel rivets for next to nothing at gympart.com under stairmaster. They're called panel rivets. Dont remove whole inner well.just the front half.


I followed the other link on thos page and it was the last one of a dozen strings on a dozen blogs and I just couldn't let people spend so much time and effort. Now if you're changing the housing you have to pull the nose apart. So, please, dont confuse the two. Have fun!


Awesome! U the man Riddley. Thanks.


Awesome!!! I didn't believe I need to remove the whole face of the truck to replace a bulb, and I was going to try removing the fender liner to check. I'm glad I found your comment and now I'm glad I'll do it in a few minutes without tearing apart half of the truck... :)


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http://www.hummerforums.com/forum/showth... shows you how to do the bulb change. Darn, $75 for a bulb change :)??? Good Luck.

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+ research is it's own reward


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