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An over-ear gaming headset with microphone and audio control unit.

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I need a inside picture of volumecontroller , cables are disconnected

Hello Ifixers,

My tiamat 7.1 is on the shelf since month, I tried to fix it month ago, but without success ... I need the color code/or a precise picture of the inside of the volume controller to reconnect the audio Output wires.

I would give you a million thanks if you could help me :)


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Hello, I just saw your comment. Hereis the pinout of the wires going toward the headset from the sound board

Block Image

Here are the wires attached down the left side of the PCB (when looking at the bottom). From the edge of the PCB inward they are:

Solid copper, going to F_B

red/green spiral, F_L

Solid Green going to S_R

Red/copper spiral going to S_L

Solid red going to R_R

blue/green spiral. going to R_L

Above that a large black cable carries a white wire to M+ and a copper to M-

Block Image

Here are the wires attached at the bottom of the PCB. From the corner of the PCB outward they are:

two blue/copper cables going to GND2

Red/Blue spiral going to Cen_L

Solid Blue going to Cen_R

Solid Black going to Sub_R

Solid Black going to Sub_L

Two Green/Copper cables going to 5V

Two Blue/copper spiral going to -

If you need the pinout for the other side of the board (towards the computer,) just ask.

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Hello TwixOps,

I am really greatfull for your answer. I don't actually have the time to meddle with the headset right now, but I'll definitely try again later thanks to you ! :D

I hope it will help some other than me :)

Edit : I DID IT ! It works now :D

Though there is some minor error in your coloring :)

On the first picture, the first "Solid copper, going to F_B" I thought F_B, hmm Front_Back, it didn't felt really thing, I rapidly guessed you meant "F_R"

Then on the second picture :

"two blue/copper cables going to GND2" should be "two black/copper cables going to GND2"

The rest was okay, and the pictures precises enough to understand why you had four "blue/copper cables"

Thank you again !


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hope u can write the solution for the end side (towards the computer) because my friend burned it :( .. all i want to know is the job of every color .. because i will only use the microphone and the headset and what parts should i connect to the usb side . i tried to connect it as a normal headset and the red and black cables to a usb wire as a power source, without the microphone but the sound is bad and too low xD ! thank u in advance bro <3

Block Image

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