battery won't keep a charge

I have purchased two RCA tablets for my sons on Christmas 2016 and one battery won't charge at all and the other one the battery runs down too quickly) the charge won't hold. I have tried emailing you support service for tablets but the email address I have isn't valid support.rcatablets which is in the paper that comes with the tablet.

Please help me with this. I need a way to contact someone about these tablets.

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Could you please provide a screenshot of the battery usage section under settings?


mine has this to it started when i was using a charger my tablet said this charger was notcompatible so i unplugged it and shut it off i tried to turn it back on and now i have had this dead voyager for 1 year now


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@tryingtoohard, Pamela, If under warranty this may be info. needed. From RCA site (1st link) below. RCA North America, Android & Windows Tablets Phone: 877-252-6873 / 800-252-6123.

If you know the chargers are working correctly and the charge ports look clean inside(no dust/lint/debri) and charge ports look good no damaged pins/loose, the issue may be quite simply faulty batteries. In case you would like to try repair your self or another family member/friend, I have posted a disassembly guide(2nd link) and possible replacement battery(link#3) which you can do a search on for possibly better pricing(ensure replacement battery is correct for your model#). A good local computer repair shop may also be a viable solution if not wanting to attempt repair. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

RCA Voyager II RCT6773W22 Disassembly

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Great disassembly guide - I have found sometimes that these things just lose their mind and may get "stuck" at say 14%, but if you measure the battery, and it's at 3.8 or more volts, just disconnect the battery, wait a minute, and re-connect it and see if the battery power is now correct (say 60% or more) then charge it.


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