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Will these ram work with my MacBook Pro?

Hey there!

So, i've had my Macbook Pro 15" for nearly a year now, and i would like to upgrade my RAM modules from 4 GB to 8 GB.

Macbook Pro specs:

Model Number: A1286

Processor: 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

HDD: 250 GB


Bought: January 2010.

The information that i found on Apples website about their RAM modules are the following:

1066 MHz


PC3 - 8500


After searching Google, i found a pair of Corsair RAM modules, which would provide me with 2x4 GB RAM modules.

The specs are the exact same as the specs on the pair from Apples website, but the price i WAY different!

Link to corsair RAM modules:


Link to Apple RAM modules:


I can save ALOT of money buying the Corsair RAM instead of the ones shown on Apple's website.

My question is simple:

Will they work with my Macbook Pro?

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Emil, go with a reputable vendor offering a reliable brand, which will most likely offer lifetime warranty on your RAM. Corsair, Kingston are good brands.

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Here's the correct RAM and it's known to work in Macs. Apple has way overpriced its RAM for years.


The Corsair is a bit cheaper but I wouldn't take the risk.

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To make sure your machine will run 8 GBs of RAM

Check the Boot ROM Version in your System Profiler.

MacBook Pros with a Model ID of MacBookPro5,1 should have a Boot ROM Version of MBP51.007E.B05.

MacBooks with a Model ID of MacBook5,1 should have a Boot ROM version of MB51.007D.B03

Machines with other Model IDs are not affected and don’t need an update.

If your Boot ROM version does not match the numbers above, download the appropriate firmware updater for your model machine and install according to the instructions:

For MacBook Pros (MacBookPro5,1)

MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 1.8

For MacBooks (MacBook5,1)

MacBook EFI Firmware Update 1.4

Once you have ensured that the Boot ROM is the correct version, make sure your Operating System is updated to OSX 10.6.6. You must be running Snow Leopard to address 8GB on these systems, testing was done with 10.6.6, which is the only version currently supporting for this.


Very nice update +


You didn't need to delete Ralph, this report just came out yesterday


I usually agree with ur linked content, but that site looks flaky! On top of that they have my Machine as a 2GB Max, when Apple's own actual max is 6GB. Not a reliable source for RAM upgrade, especially if youre a newbie and have no clue what to look for. It askes for the Model type, then it asks if your machine is DDR2 or DDR3, then it specifies which RAM you need. That search criteria is faulty and inaccurate. My machine is DDR2, but takes 6GB. They state the max is 2GB. wayyyyyy off. Not all DDR2 machines have a 2GB limitation.


The RamDirect site has just recently changed and they may not have their stuff together yet. I've been buying RAM from the for since 1995 and they always have great service and very good prices and I like the people but they are slow on keeping current. They are a family owned business and have treated me very well over the years and I am loyal to them. I emailed the link to the new RAM specs today. Read this before you get out of joint ;-) http://blog.macsales.com/9102-secret-fir......

The source is OWC and they do keep up to date.


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Emil, the path is never sucure for those who cut corners. Stick with a reliable name you can count on and a vendor with correct matching criteria for your machine. Stick with Corsair or Kingston. This site asks if your machine is DDR2 or DDR3 and then classify all machines under that criteria with wrong Max's and most like wrong RAM!!! It even has the wrong number of slots in the machine!!! I rest my case, now I'll let it go!!

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Majesty, they changed the site after I made my initial post. You have to click on the correct window, you clicked on DDR2 not DDR3

Is this what you're looking for?

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I clicked on DDR2 because thats what my machine supports, and the Maxes on DDR3 were incorrect also. YOU NEED TO LET IT GO. you are wrong for poiting someone to a site with misinformation like that, bottom line.


Notice it says that my model has 4 slots and a 2GB RAM max. And the DDR3 specs were way off as well.


The RAM amount for the OPs 2.53 15" Corei5 is listed correctly at 8 GB.

I don't know about your machine, I wasn't answering a question about what ever you have.


STOP BEING STUBBORN!!!!! When you posted that link the DDR3 information was incorrect as well. GO TO SLEEP YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY DILLUSIONAL!!!


Look at the chart I posted. I didn't make it up.


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