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Third generation Surface Pro tablet, released June 20, 2014.

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LCD Replacement part number

OK now i have remove my broken LCD screen on my tablet that is a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ( i have confirmed that on Microsoft website with the serial number) and i'm looking for a TOM12H20 V1.0 part not the V1.1 but the V1.0. So i tried everywhere even on Aliexpress and it seem for everyone that a V1,0 is not for Surface Pro 3 but that's what i have. So basically my question is if a V1.1 could work as a replcement part instead of the V1.0 ? If no could someone point me somewhere i can find one ?

Thanks all for your help.

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It would seem logical the V1.1 is an upgrade replacement for the V1.0 and that is why V1.0 is no longer available.

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