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How can I renew the graphic-card on my iMac

If I start up my iMac it works but the screen is black. The

Apple-serviceman said that the graphic-card is bad and it would be about $ 1000,-- to fix it. The computer is only five years old so I want to do it by myselfe like I repair some of my old mac´s. How does it work? Who can help me?

Regards from Austria

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The GPU is integrated into the logic board. To check to see if what the tech said was true, hook it up to an external monitor via the video out port. If the external works then he was correct. Logic board repairs can be had at companies like DT&T but are rather high dollar: http://www.dttservice.com/imacg5.html

If you unit falls into this group you may have capacitor problems:

Serial Number ranges:

W8435xxxxxx – W8522xxxxxx

QP435xxxxxx – QP522xxxxxx

CK435xxxxxx – CK522xxxxxx

YD435xxxxxx – YD522xxxxxx

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Thanks a lot-can you tell me where I can find this video-outport?

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I found the video out port. Can I use my 21" Intel Core 2 Duo as external monitor? What do I need and how does this action work?

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