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Repair guides and support for the Huawei MediaPad T2, which is Huawei's 7" tablet. Released in September of 2016. Model number: T2 BGO-DL09.

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Why is my tablet slow to response?

Why my tablet slow to response?

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Maybe because he is full with cache, maybe too much applications and private things like photos,videos music. I recommend you to backup all data and factory reset him. This could help to improve your perfomance.

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the software is already slow and have a delay from the begining

that because the tab have 1g ram and the software is need more than this


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Its just some bloatware and unnecessary stuff that was included in the phone. The software is also quite sluggish and the chip it is using was frankly underutilized.

I say that because i own and use one of this as my daily driver and i rooted it, modified it a bit like replacing the launcher (its a huge hog, use nova launcher instead), turning off or remove unnecessary function and maximize the usability of the chip its using (Snapdragon 615) as well as modifying how the phone handles the ram tasks (You can use L Speed for this one). I also suggest you to use the app SD Maid to clean the device's storage because that cleaner cleans up the system directory as well!

After I did all that, the device feels WAY better. Keep in mind tho this level of modification requires root. As for me i just use KingRoot to do that.

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