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Phone network ability in Canada

I've been 'gifted' this phone from family in NY. It needs a LCD repair of course, however before I make any repairs, or port my next number over to my chosen carrier, I wanted to ensure that it'll work properly with my service.

It seems that this phone is a 2G only network, which is only Rogers. I use Public Mobile, which I guess has nearly everything but.

My question is this, is there no way to update this phone so it can be used on my network of choice?

Yes, I do have a Rogers sim with a number(which is my next test), but the prices.... just make it MORE practical to move it over.

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I think I just answered my own question with a quick comparison to a s3 that is known to work in Canada...



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Rogers will be shutting down their 2G towers in 2018, along with most of their 3G, in order to switch to VOLTE (Voice over LTE). While it is best to upgrade, I can relate, as I currently rock a BlackBerry, and am facing Verison's 2G shutdown in 2019.

What you need to do is unlock your phone. You can contact the manufacturer, contact your provider, use Google to find if it has a generic code, or pay $20 online to get the code.

Sadly, you can't upgrade your GSM phone to use CDMA or vice versa. Or upgrade from 2G to 3G. Otherwise, my BlackBerry would have LTE-A. What the manufacturer put in is what you are stuck with.

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