My Samsung TV is ghosting and showing vertical lines


I have a Samsung LE32C450E1W LCD TV. Last night I was watching TV as usual, when it started having the ghosting issue, with the video frames kind of fading out. A little bit later, it started showing some vertical lines. Turned it off/on and it would display the vertical lines after some delay.

I decided to unplug the TV, and I tried turning it on today.

I turned it on, and within a few seconds (10, maybe) it started to have the ghosting issue again. I decided to leave it and see what happens. A few minutes later, I noticed the TV had turned off. Not just turned off, but also the the red dot was not visible (the red led power indicator). It was as if it was unplugged, except that it wasn't. It wouldn't respond to the remote.

I unplugged it, and plugged it in again, and it turned on, and it started showing (after a few seconds) the vertical lines, which then went away and the ghosting expected.

I've now turned it off and I'm not using it. I'll open it up and see if there are any bad capacitors when I get back from work, but I would like to hear your thoughts on this.


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Hi Tony,

I have the same problem . Have you fixed it?



No... I had to purchase a new one.


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