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This children's learning tablet was manufactured in 2013. It has a black exterior, and has a medium sized X on the back. Model number: XO-780. No factory recalls.

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My screen are broken. I can remplacement?

Hi. My son was broken the screen and i want to repair. Which are specifications?? The flex is 50 pins and i want to remplacement.

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@carnalinho check this video for instructions on how to replace it. The LCD is a bit harder to find but every once in a while they pop up at places like this.

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Good afternoon friend. I have a xoxo 880 vivitar tablet broken screen lcd. I need BOE 070 screen for Flex KR070PR5T REV: A of 50 pins ... Will it be compatible ??? Greetings 1024x600. But the problem is the flex connnection . thanks... Y dont know a compatible screen


It will be difficult to find the screen the way you describe it. If your tablet is a Vivitar XO7 then go with the screen I linked to. The BOE 070 could be your screen but there are multiple different variance and revision. It will be hard to match the LCD to the flex cable.


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